Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Sania Mirza Childhood Photos

 Sania Mirza was born in 15 november 1986 in Mumbai India, Sania's father name is Imran Mirza and mother name Nasima. She have one sister her name is Anam. she is a unprofessional tennis player and sania have visit more the 35 countries she started tennis fron the age of 6. sania won so many competitions, she become married with pakistani cricket player shoaib malik and live a happy marriage life.

Sania Mirza Childhood Photo in School Dress

Sania Mirza Childhood Photo in Jungle Girl Dress

Young Sania Mirza kissed by her father and mother 

Sania Mirza teenage photo when she was 16 years old

Sania Mirza Teenage Photo under 20

Sania Mirza wedding With Pakistani Player Shoaib Malik

Sania Mirza Photo in Beautiful Smiling Face


  1. I've seen Sania 2 time in Delhi. She is YUCK!. She looks in front of camera OK ie lots of lights and lots of make up. Poor girl her makeup layers couldn't hide her chickenpoxed and wheatish complexion :D. Her body is also misshaped. aged fat has acumulated around almost body parts of her specially around weist(weird). She is a top tennis player of India that is the CHARM of her nothing more that. not only a common girl makeover like her but also better than her. Anam her sister is natural beauty I've seen her too. I appreciate her. look Sania looks poor when they both are together.


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